Hi, I'm Robert.

I'm a UX| developer.

I'm a swiss army knife.

Bottle Opener

UX sits at the intersection of many disciplines, and no two solutions are the same. Each project teaches me something new, and requires a different set of tools. I've worked with educators, counselors, musicians, entrepreneurs and even bankers. It's a blast.

My focus is prototyping. I've partnered with senior leadership and led teams to develop new ideas - taking them from the backs of napkins to functional products. That takes a little bit of code, and a little bit of design.


I've worked with some excellent innovators across the country, and I'm very proud to have shared in their successes:

      • Boston
      • Flock.fm
      • Crimson Hexagon
      • Six Red Marbles
      • Privy
      • Philadelphia
      • Community Energy, Inc.
      • Chicago
      • South Asian Bar Association
      • Chapel Hill
      • Chamber of Commerce
      • Green Plus
      • Polaris IT Solutions

      Robert is a super-creative professional with extremely high standards. He stays current and on top of his craft, and takes a rigorous approach to getting it right. When we work together, we're really working together in a genuine thought partnership. Robert is not afraid to constructively push and challenge his team to create the best possible product. -Jason Gorman, VP Learning Experience Design Services @ Six Red Marbles

      I worked with Rob very closely for several months at Crimson Hexagon. He is by far the most talented UI/UX Designer I've ever worked with, and an expert in modern web standards (HTML5, CSS3, SVG, &c.), software tools (Adobe Creative Suite), and data visualizations. He also is a very talented artist, with a keen creative eye that helps his design work immensely, and is a friendly, professional coworker. I cannot recommend him more highly. -Erik Klingman, Crimson Hexagon

      I worked with Rob for many months in a relationship where I would rely on him to build amazing front ends for features I built into the backend of our application. I cannot stress enough the level of skill he has to create beautiful designs that remain so across all browsers. I highly recommend him for user experience and visual design. -Gregory Flynn, Vistaprint

      Robert is simply a brilliant designer. His eye for elegant aesthetics is matched with a sharp intuition for user psychology and a very analytical design process. From t-shirts to full user interfaces, Robert's designs are consistently striking and beautiful while remaining thoughtfully practical and efficient. -Stefan Nikolic, Founder @ Flock.fm

      Contact: rmatteso@gmail.com | résumé available upon request | LinkedIn